Student feedback

After the return from a student exchange the students are obliged to write a report. Those who have participated in an Intensive Course or Developing Project also writes some reflections afterwards. These documents, or parts of them, are posted on our website in order to give examples of the experiences in EkoTekNord activities.


The Sustainable Logistics intensive week was quite successful. I learned so many new things that it was quite hard to put it all to this learning diary. We had good co-operating companies with hard working students and teachers.

- Kim Bergholm
Intensive course in Sustainable Logistics

Helsinki 07th – 11th of September, 2009


Nordic Baltic Entrepreneurship (NBE) intensive Week was a new and totally useful experience.I see every new project (especially – international) as a lifetime opportunity and NBE was another lifetime opportunity for me.

- Sandris Krumins

I've learned quite more about the subject as well as other cultures and teamwork. It was a great experience and hopefully we will continue this course this summer or next year.

- Josefine Daniels

Intensive course in Nordic entrepreneurship

4th to 10th of March 2007