Student information

Do you want to study or have a work placement in another Nordic or Baltic country?

We offer you opportunities within for example the following subject areas: business, economics, engineering, IT, communication, logistics, langauages.

The list of participants shows you the higher education institutions in the EkoTekNord network. These institutions offer student exchange programs with financial support from Nordplus. For further information, please contact your own international office or the contact person for EkoTekNord that you find on the list.

Student across countries


How to apply

In the application process you should be in contact with the International Office or the contact person for EkoTekNord in your institution. Here are the steps you will have to go through:

Tips 1

Fill in Application form and send it electronically to the international office or the EkoTekNord contact of your own university for acceptance

Download application form PDF WORD

Tips 2

If you are accepted, you will have to fill in the Nordplus contract, which shall be signed both by the sending and the host institution.

Download Nordplus contact PDF WORD

Tips 3

After having completed your stay abroad you will have to write a report on your stay and send it electronically to the international office of your own university

Download report form PDF WORD

Who can apply?

The Nordplus Higher Education Programme is aimed at higher education institutions in the participating countries.

Only participants from the participating countries (Denmark - including Greenland and Faeroe Islands -, Estonia, Finland - including Åland -, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden) are eligible for financial support from Nordplus. Participants from other countries may take part in programme activities, but are not eligible for financial support.

Target group:

Students (Second to fourth year) at an higher education institution.

Scholarship duration:

A minimum of 1 month, a maximum of 12 months.

Financial grants:

200 € per month + travel grant (subject to availability).

Travel grant (valid for 2017/2018)

Students travelling from their country of residence to participate in an EkoTekNord programme/course in another country might be eligible to a travel grant. Ask your contact person.

To and from Greenland 660€
To and from the Faroe Islands and Iceland 330€
Between Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden and Åland No travel grant