Ecopreneurship – In the Baltic and Nordic Countries

Buskerud, Norway. March 5th - 9th, 2012

The purpose of the course is to implement an intensive course on green entrepreneurship ("ecopreneurship" for the purpose of this course) for University students in the Baltic and Nordic countries. The primary learning focus will take place during a one week seminar at Buskerud University College.

The project will be based upon a blended learning approach It will include: pre-course work based on internet sources which explore ecological entrepreneurship, an intensive one week seminar highlighting lectures and student project work and finally post course based upon the student course evaluations.

This project will build on experiences gained from previous EkoTekNord courses in entrepreneurship implemented by Högskolan Dalarna in Leksand, Sweden in 2007 and by Arcada University in Helsinki, Finland in 2010. The 2012 course will address the new dimension of environmental and sustainable practices in business and how to start and run a successful business venture.


Download the full course details

Ecopreneurship – In the Baltic and Nordic Countries (PDF) (Size: 268Kb)

Project purpose in details

The purpose is to make students aware of the entrepreneurial climate, structure and trends in environmentally friendly entrepreneurship practices. In addition, students should understand what basic conditions are required for successful ecopreneurial endeavors including the entrepreneurial mindset.

Account of activities/project plan

Planning meeting

Six months before the course implementation there will be a planning meeting held. This meeting will focus on defining work packages and tasks of each teacher participating. Each university will be responsible for implementing these project tasks.

  • Invitation to the interested Universities
  • Recruitment of students (5 per university)
  • Registration of students online by January 23, 2012
  • Course start at home universities
  • Internet studies

The intensive one week seminar at Buskerud University College will take place as described. Registration of teachers and students will take place in the afternoon Sunday 4 of March 2012.


Students will be required to complete an individual course evaluation (found on FRONTER) and in addition be required to write an essay reflecting on their personal experiences and learning process during the intensive week. Student evaluations will be assessed by the participating teachers. Teachers will also be required to complete an evaluation of the course week which will form the basis for eventual future development and reexamination of the project work published on FRONTER and the course activities. This will help the development of future courses.