Nordic-Baltic Entrepreneurship - In Business and Society

Helsinki, 8-12 March, 2010

NBE 2010 is an intensive course in Entrepreneurship which was held at 8-12 March, 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. There was 46 participants – 46 students from nine schools.

Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Åland University Of Applied Sciences, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, Buskerud University College, Tietgen Business College, Kaunas College, Dalarna university, University of Akureyri.


Completion of the course

Senior Lecturer at Arcada University of Applied Science Henry Ericsson and Doctor of Philosophy Ragnar Ahlström Söderling (Dalarna University) started NBE intensive week by welcoming everybody and presenting the schedule of the whole intensive week. During this project Charlie Mpengula (Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College) gave us an amazing lecture about green entrepreneurship called "Beyond Greening-Beyond Sustainability. Cradle to Cradle Entrepreneurs".

After his lecture all students were divided into groups allowing students from different schools and countries to meet there. They had a task to conceive an idea how trash can be recycled using this motto "reduce – reuse – recycle". And at the end of the project all students groups presented their ideas and discussed about green entrepreneurship.