Intercultural Communication

Riga and Valmiera 8th - 13th April, 2013

From April 9 – 12, 2013, the Faculty of Social Sciences of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA), together with Scandinavian and Baltic partners, organizes an intensive programme on Intercultural Communication, which is one of Nordplus network Ekoteknord activities. During the programme 36 students from Finland, Aland Islands, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Denmark and Latvia will come to ViA and together will explore the intercultural aspects of environment communication of different organizations.

The intensive course will take place in two parts. The first part consisted of the individual work of participants, researching the environmental communication of a specific organization with the public, especially young people. The organizations reviewed by students represent one of 8 business fields: tourism transport, NGO, pharmaceutical production, fast food service, food production, alcohol production, banking sector and gas station. During the second part of the project, new groups of participants will be formed and the work during the project week will be organized within a specific sector


In the groups students will present their company, introduce others with the main conclusions from the research on the environmental communication of the organizations, answering such questions: Does the organization communicate on environmental problems? Is it reflected in media? Does the organization organize special activities for solving environmental problems? How the organization is involved in creating public opinion? What the youth thinks about this organization? The student groups will also visit the organizations researched by ViA students in Latvia and perform an interview with the top management, acquiring additional information that they will be working for the rest of the week. As a result, an innovative set of recommendations will be developed for the environmental communication policy of the organization with their target groups. The organizations which will be researched in more detail are Gindex, Aldaris, Hesburger, Statoil, SEB bank, Hanza bakery, Latvian Railways and a non-governmental organization.

During the week the students will also participate in lectures given by lecturers from all partner-countries on such topics: value differences, corporate social responsibility, social media and virus-communication, human resources management: actions aimed at including the employees in the policy of the organization and how to create a catching presentation.

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