Intensive course in Sustainable Logistics

Helsinki, 7th - 12th of September 2009

The Intensive course in Sustainable Logistics took place in Helsinki, 7-12th of September. Participants worked in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Participants of this course were students and teachers from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Niels Brock Business College (Denmark) and Kaunas College (Lithuania).


The aims of this Intensive course

  • To understand the role of logistics in each participating country;
  • To learn the impact of logistics on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions;
  • To learn some good practices of protecting the environment and examples of the sustainable logistics in various participating countries and CASE companies in Helsinki.

Completion of the course

The Intensive course started with the presentations of the distance assignments by each school. Firstly they presented group members, school and the role of logistics in their school. Then groups continued their presentations with the sustainable logistics. Transportation and packaging are considered having the most impact on carbon emissions and that is why logistics has a negative impact in the environment. The presentations were interactive, students discussed and compared the role of logistics and sustainable logistics in each participating country.

After distance assignments students had possibility to listen two presentations of professionals. Managing Director Annukka Leppänen -Turkula (The Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd) made a presentation on Packaging and the Environment, Its Recovery and Recycling in Finland and in EU. Dr. Anita Mäkinen, the Head of Marine Programme explained Baltic Sustainable Maritime Traffic and its future.

The other part of intensive course consisted of preparing questions for companies and visiting them. Students were divided into 6 multinational groups. Each group had an own case company to study solutions of sustainable supply chain and logistics. Students formulated a problem and prepared an interview questions for the case company. After visiting the company and interviewing a contact person there they wrote a report of the interview results. Also they had to prepare a Power Point presentation of the results on the 11th of September.

Case companies

  • KUUSAKOSKI Ltd (recycling), (Hyttipojankuja 2, ESPOO)
  • DHL Finland (Katriinantie 14-16, VANTAA)
  • DB Schenker Finland, (Metsäläntie 2-4, HELSINKI)
  • Heinon Tukku Ltd (wholesaler, grocery shop), (Orionintie18-20, ESPOO)
  • Association of Packaging Technology and Research – PTR (Kiskontie 7, HELSINKI)
  • Sinebrychoff ( part of Carlsberg Group, brewery, KERAVA)

During Intensive course week all participants visited Vuosaari Harbor. This port is one of good examples of showing how sustainable logistics is being implemented in its operations.

During the last day students introduced and argued main results of their companies' interviews. They described the role of the company in the supply chain and how the company created sustainable solutions for its logistics. There were quite many similarities between the Case companies. Students had some useful advices for better sustainable solutions in companies as well.

Intensive week was finished by sightseeing cruise to archipelago of Helsinki area. Students wrote learning diaries of their reflections during the intensive week after they came back to home.